Friday, March 03, 2006

Hunting for Mobilcast Listeners

I have been pondering our ability to reach mobile phone users with wireless internet connections or data plans. It is a challenge to find these people. I know these people exist in the wild of the real world, but do they want to use those Internet connections to listen to Mobilcast podcasts.

I ran some banner ads last week bashing the iPod (see below), but that did not work. That battle seemed like a logical one but it was an up hill battle to think that the mobile phone running Mobilcast could push the iPod out of the life of a avid Apple fan. Not happening yet! What do you think?

Here is my iPod bashing Ad.

I changed up the message in my banner ads (see below). This banner ad run is set to deliver over 3.3 million banner impressions across a network of websites. This campaign is giving lot's of brand and awareness, but slow on the actual clicks to our website.

What does this banner say to you? Is it compelling enough to get you to want to give Mobilcast a try and click on the banner?

Do us a favor and mention Mobilcast to any friend you have who has a mobile phone with an unlimited data plan that great podcast audio can be heard on the phone.

One last thing, our software only runs on a limited number of phones and carrier networks. You can get us on Cingular, T-Mobile and Canada's Rogers Wireless.

Rob Greenlee

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