Monday, March 13, 2006


What happened to our competitors? I haven't heard a thing out of them in months. Our carrier partners haven't heard anything from them in months. It's discouraging - I'm a guy who loves having competitors.

The question that came up today from a couple folks here was whether the perceived absence of our competitors means the market just isn't ready for mobilcasting. I can't believe that's the case - all of our market data and feedback says the opposite.

But the fact remains that our competitors are suddenly absent. I hope that means they are working on big things that they will spring on the market soon. That will be good for all of us.


  1. We're in stealth mode.

    Erik Schwartz and Lisa Mogull at Fat Calico

  2. Look forward to seeing what you have when you come out of stealth mode. As you know this is a great space. The more companies that come in the more fun it gets.

  3. Say "hi" to Rowlen for us.

  4. Hey Stan,

    My products (smartFeed and smartRead) just got purchased by NewsGator and they are comitted to mobile and RSS.

    I think you are right on with your assessment of the market. I think things just need to be made easier for the consumer and the consumer needs to be educated. I know smartFeed is probably too cumbersome for my Mom to use, but now with the backing of NewsGator I hope to change that.

  5. Great stuff. I like the Newsgator stuff. As you say the real challenge is going to be making the mobile apps super simple for the average user to get and use. Honestly I don't think there's enough focus on that across the sector - we often replace "cool" for "easy." It just doesn't work.

  6. Anonymous9:51 PM

    We to are in stealth mode.

    Kevin Hawkins

  7. Tim Coble7:26 AM

    Another brand new entry in the space - sort of: UpSNAP's Mobile Broadcast Network's new mobile podcast service. ( Our initial launch was this week and we've got lots of new podcasts coming online on almost a daily basis. Completely device- and carrier-independent. Accessible via WAP, dial-up and SMS. Very similar to our very popular MBN mobile streaming audio services, which have been available for several years.

    If anyone is planning on being at the CTIA show next week, feel free to stop by and check us out!

  8. Anonymous4:14 PM

    VoiceIndigo - Podcasts Made Mobile. They are not in stealth mode, and already launched a full-featured VoiceIndigo Mobile application for mobile phones.

  9. Who knew there was a lot of competition to bridge a hard drive with a mobile gateway? I would have thought Audible would have done this already. Where's the video?