Friday, February 10, 2006

We're Going to the Olympics

Mobilcast is going to the Winter Olympics. Starting today you can get Olympic Updates using Mobilcast. We're created a new channel and put it at the top of the directory to make it easy for fans of the Games to find. Included will be a daily medal count as well as updates from some world-famous content providers.

One of the parners we're working with is Fan590, Toronto's #1 sports station. Fan590 is doing a couple podcasts, and the one I am most excited about is the "Road to Turin Update", a short podcast done by announcer Howard Berger from Torino at least 3 times a day. Those start tomorrow.

I'm really excited about these podcasts - from a business point of view I think it's great to be providing such topical content to listeners. From a personal perspective, I'm a huge fan of the Winter Olympics.

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