Monday, February 13, 2006

Olympic Alerts Without the Tape Delay

I spent the weekend following the Olympics. In my house the halfpipe is a huge event and my boys were asking throughout the day when they could see Shaun White win the gold, and Danny Kass win the silver (my oldest is a big Kass fan).

Now ask yourself "how did they know that Shaun and Danny were medal winners?". The power of the Internet of course. They went out to the web and looked up who won the halfpipe about 8 hours before TV here in the US showed the event.

TV is a great medium for watching the action of the Games. But it stinks for staying up to date as the events are happening. If you are relying on TV for your Olympic updates you're out of touch.

This is the benefit of using Mobilcast to stay up to date. The collection of Olympic updates we have are ideal for the phone. They are no more than 7 minutes a piece. They are updated regularly. Perfect for playing while walking to the car, waiting between meetings, listening in the coffee line or at lunch, sitting on the get the picture. I listened to 4 of them during my drive in to work this morning.

I get asked a lot why I'd want to listen to a podcast on my phone. The Olympics prove why it's a good thing. I can stay up to date on a topic I'm passionate about, when I want to be updated.

Without being held hostage by the whims of TV execs who are thinking about ratings.

Check it out.

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