Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Nokia Java App Settings

One of my phones is a Nokia 6620. Great phone, but it was experiencing some strangeness with Mobilcast. Specifically every time the app made a call to the server I was asked to OK the connection. It was driving me nuts because I had to select OK every couple of minutes during a podcast.

I mentioned this to one of the program managers here who told me that all I needed to do to fix this is change the Java app settings for Mobilcast. I thought I had done that before, and it turns out I had. But it was on an earlier instance of Mobilcast and when I downloaded the latest client the defaults all kicked in.

So, for those of you with Nokia phones here's how to change the settings:

From the main menu go into Tools, then Manager
Highlight Mobilcast
Select Options, then Settings
Select Network Access, then Options, then Change. Select Ask first time.
Repeat this step for App auto-start, Connectivity, and Multimedia.

If you don't have the option of Ask first time on one of the settings it's because the Java implementation on the phone doesn't allow it. We haven't seen that for these settings, but you never know.

Good luck and happy Mobilcasting.

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