Thursday, February 02, 2006

Motorola RAZR v3i

One of the perks of working in a mobile company is playing with new toys. A couple weeks ago we got a new Motorola RAZR v3i. I finally wrested it away from development and got to play with it the last couple days. Mostly listened to Mobilcast, but place a couple calls and tried to use it like I use my phone regularly.

It's a nicer phone than the original RAZR v3. Processor is a little faster. It comes with a removeable 512MB transflash card. It's supposed to have the iTunes software found in the ROKR but it doesn't appear to be on this particular phone. Or I can't find it.

Mobilcast runs well on this phone. Speaker quality in fact is a little better than the original RAZR. I didn't go through the install process because the app was already on the phone when I grabbed it, but the devs tell me it was as straightforward as on the original.

On the downside, it still has that horrible Motorola UI. In fact it may be that the iTunes app is there but the UI is so hard to navigate that I just can't find it.

The phone book still can't handle multiple numbers per person. I tried to copy my entire contact list from my Sony Ericsson z520a over to the v3x via Bluetooth, which worked well at first but errored out with a "not enough memory" error. I found out that it was trying to copy the contact list to the sim card, which is a default I couldn't figure out how to change. You can't synch contacts with your PC without paying $30 for an app. Note that Nokia and Sony Ericsson give this same software away for free.

The RAZR v3i is an improvement over the RAZR v3. If you're looking for a RAZR type form factor and haven't bought a RAZR yet I'd hold out for this one. And if you're looking for a slim form factor that offers a great Mobilcast experience I'd pick one up. You can find a better UI for contacts and calendars out there, but if that's not a key consideration go get this phone.

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