Monday, February 06, 2006

Mobilcast & Podcasters

Saw an interesting entry on the Pacific Canada IT blog today. What caught my eye was this sentence

Imagine if you are NOT on Melodeo's list of providers? You are out of the loop!

I appreciate the statement.

I know it'll be a while before anyone has that kind of influence in the podcasting market. But take our name out and the sentence means something a little different. If you are a podcaster and you aren't thinking about your mobile play you will likely end out out of the loop. Too bold a claim? Not if you consider the following:

  • There are 800m mobile phones in market today. While growth has slowed it's the law of large numbers, not a general topping out of the market. In fact, China is reportedly adding 45m new users this year. You can't ignore the fact that a podcast to a mobile phone has the potential to reach more users than a podcast that just goes to a PC.
  • As the number of podcast listeners grows, the number of listeners who spend the majority of their time at their PC will decline. Reaching these listeners means eliminating the PC middleman, which only a mobile phone can do.
  • We're seeing growth in the number of podcasts that update daily, if not multiple times a day. The only way to keep up, assuming you aren't at your PC all the time, is to have a solution that lets you get to your podcasts as they are updated. Again, that device is the one you have with you all the time and that does not require a direct network connection - your phone.
If you're a podcaster it will be in your best interest to develop a mobile strategy. Think about what it means to have a mobile-oriented podcast, then go out and create and deliver it. It'll pay off, I promise.

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