Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Introducting Mobilcast Beta 3

Today we announced the availabilit of Mobilcast beta 3. This is a very cool release with a number of feature improvements. I've pasted the list as it appears in the market update.

Player memory – If a listener has to quit a podcast before a podcast finished Mobilcast now remembers where she left off and starts from that point.

Add to/remove from favorites – Mobilcast allows listeners to add or remove a podcast to their favorites folder.

New player controls – Listeners can control player volume, fast forward, rewind, pause, and skip to the next podcast using the phone’s keypad.

Listen all – Selecting listen all from within the New Today folder allows a listener to hear all of the day’s new podcasts in one download, rather than asking the listener to download one podcast at a time.

New catalog design – We have redesigned the Mobilcast catalog by reducing the number of channels and surfacing the most interesting and popular content, making it easier for a listener to find what they want. If you can’t find what you’re looking for in the catalog you can search for it on the Mobilcast server. New folders include:

New Today, containing the latest updates.

Best of Mobilcast, where listeners will find Mobilcast’s most popular podcasts.

Recently Played, keeps the podcasts played most recently in one place so they can be easily played again.

Share – If you like Mobilcast, share it with a friend via text message.

We're proud of this release. Let us know what you think.

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