Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Winning the Market

No, this isn't an attempt to be boastful. It's far to early to tell who's winning the mobile podcasting market.

Rather, I want to comment on Yahoo's comment about settling for maintaining search market share as opposed to trying to win the market. My question is simple - why settle? Sure Jack Welch says you need to be #1 or 2 in a market your get out. But I'm sure he didn't mean that #2 should stop trying to be #1.

Steve Rubel makes an excellent point when he says that Yahoo is not longer interested in being best of breed.

To my mind pushing to be #1 in market means you listen to customers, you innovate, you make your product better every release. You interpret "good enough" as "good enough right now, but for long." You don't settle for second best because your customers won't settle for second best.

I'm surprised any company would settle for being an also ran.

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