Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Still Raining....Podcasts

Today is something like the 25th straight day of rain in Seattle. We're on pace to break the 33 straight day record set in 1953. Some records were not made to be broken.

Yesterday a group of us walked, in the rain, to one of our VC's offices to give our yearly update to their management group. We showed some stats to reflect the insane growth of podcasts. Did you know that:

In 2004 approximately 500k people downloaded a podcast. In 2005 that number went to 6m. And in 2008 it's forecast to be 45m. Oh yeah, that US only.

In 2005 there were approximately 375m podcasts downloaded. In 2008 that number will be approach 5b.

A Google search for "podcast" in 2004 got you 24 hits. Today it gets you 77.6m.

That's crazy growth. And nobody can say it's really going to continue. In fact it may reach equilibrium sooner rather than later. But today, right now, podcasting is growing like crazy and all of us who have caught the wave are having the rides of our lives.

That's so very cool.

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