Monday, January 30, 2006

New Mobilcast Catalog

We just published a new Mobilcast catalog. Now, when we think of a catalog we're talking specifically about the metadata that lives on the phone, not the entirety of podcasts available to Mobilcast listeners.

Our goal for the new catalog was to simplify and shorten. We had been trying a number of catalog formats during the past couple months. What we found worked best was having a smaller number of more descriptive channels and having a couple channels where we could quickly highlight what's new ("New Today") and what's hot ("Best of Mobilcast"). We have also made a conscious effort to keep the catalog to podcasts that top out at 20 mins or less - shorter form is more phone friendly, and better fits the user profile for a mobile listener.

Again this doesn't mean listeners don't have access to longer form podcasts. You can still search the online catalog. And remember that once you play a podcast it's added to your favorites ("My Podcasts") so you can find it easily next time.

I shared the new catalog with a first time Mobilcast user yesterday. He thought it was easy to navigate, that the channel names all made sense, and he was pretty quickly able to find a couple pet podcasts using search. Single data point, but I think it'll be the trend.

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