Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Motorola iRadio

Motorola has unveiled iRadio. It's touted as being a Sirius or XM competitor. Reading the article this lined jumped out:

iRadio will let users download channels on the computer and transfer them to play on their phones or on car or home stereos, like satellite radio.

Um...that's not at all like satellite radio. Radio doesn't require going through a PC. But because Moto is using the ROKR as it's primary iRadio phone they have no choice. Personally I don't see myself sifting through 435 channels using the Moto UI, downloading my choices to a PC, then tethering my phone.

Why does this supposedly leading edge mobile phone company continue to ignore the mobile part of the equation?

Oh, and with Mobilcast I have access to more than 400 stations, we call them podcasts, and I can download directly to my phone. Over the air. The way a phone was designed to be used.

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