Thursday, January 12, 2006

Hey Sprint - How About Using Some Common Sense

File this under social commentary, something I try not to do much of on this blog (I tend to use my personal blog for that, and note that my person al blog does not reflect the views of Melodeo). But this one strikes a chord with me.

Seems that Sprint refused to use the GPS functionality of a phone that was in a stolen car with a baby inside to locate the car. You can read the story and see a video snippet here. Now I completely understand Sprint's concern about people abusing the GPS capabilities. But this was clearly not the case here. Let's be very clear - THERE_WAS_A_BABY_IN_THE_STOLEN_CAR.

Sprint, you could have located the car and helped save the baby. But you stood by the rules, wellfare of a child be damned.

The reason this has me so bothered is that there was a child involved. To be clear, if the victims just wanted their car found I'd say "hey, rules are rules." But I think the rules on different when kids are taken against their will. I hope Sprint and the other carriers who have an ability to track phones and use the info to find people who abduct children figure this out.

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