Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Defining Podcast

Over at there's a post called What Does Podcast Stand For. Apparently this could become a debate. Creative Labs has a definition, and it sounds like the Apple fan club is fighting against it.

My question is who cares?

Do we need a definition? I think we all have better things to do, including making it even easier to bring podcasts to listeners, and get caught up in a war of words. It smacks of pettiness and ego.

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1 comment:

  1. Who cares?
    Probably no one outside the podcast community.

    Does it matter?
    Who can say. But I am surprised that you don't. Melodeo, which by the way is a super service, bases its services on podcasting as its core. There are countless people outside the community that think that podcasting is "brought to you by Apple" and that services built around podcasting are simply trying to make a buck by repackaging Apples material.

    Does that matter? I think it does to me.