Monday, January 09, 2006

Daily Use

This weekend I was talking with another former MSFTy about "the good old days." He asked me when I was happiest in Redmond, and I said it was when I was working on Exchange. Sure I had fun working on SQL, but I related to Exchange. I was passionate about it, and I came to work every day focused on winning in that business. It got me thinking about why the Exchange experience was so different for me.

The answer became clear - because I used Exchange every day. As I said about I related to it because I was a customer as well as a part of the business. This led to an a-ha moment for me. I am more effective, and happier, when I am working on a product I use every day.

Now, how does this relate to Mobilcast? Easy. I use it every day.

When we first started to think about Mobilcast I admit I thought it was a distraction. We have a platform that we can license to companies on which they can build their own mobile media delivery products. It felt like a good business, and I was one of those saying we should go hard after that and not spend much time on this mobilcasting thing. Fortunately I was out voted.

After we made the decision I decided to get deeper into the blogasphere and podcasting (they are afterall tightly linked). It didn't take long for me to get hooked. I started sampling all kinds of podcasts. I started reading blogs and blogging myself. And I realized that what people were saying was true - this is an evolution of a way we communicate and it's going to be big.

Once we had Mobilcast up and running I did what any good product guy does and I started using it daily to listen to my podcasts. And again I was hooked. I'm one of those guys who forgets to synch his iPod to his PC regularly. And I'm not always able to listen to Podcasts on my PC. My phone is always with me, making it a useful tool for listening. And the more I listen the more addicted to mobilcasting I become.

I try not to over-analyze a good thing, so I never did spend a lot of time thinking about why I have this fire in the belly about Mobilcast. But my buddy's question did cause me to think. And once I did the answer was clear.

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