Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Building a Great Web Site

We're hard a work updating our web site. Once we get it posted I think you'll like what you'll see.

The act of getting it revised, though, has been much harder than it should be. The key bone of contention is internal and I won't bore folks with the details. But it highlights a question, specifically who is the web site for? My contention is that the web site exists only for Mobilcast customers and potential customers. That being the case we owe it to our customers to build a great, easy to navigate, site that makes it simple to get and use the product. To do that you need to actually TALK with the people for whom you are developing the site.

Herein lies the rub - we have a bunch of guys who are out building a site without any customer input. Now these are some smart guys with great ideas. But they are inward focused. They think about customers, but they don't TALK with customers. As a result they are missing things, and I worry that this will translate to the site.

Part of my job as product marketing is to make sure we do right by customers, and to do that I am supposed to represent the customer view. I've been talking with customers and I think I'm developing a sense of what they want. It's not too far off what our dev team is building, but there are gaps. Bridging them is far harder than it should be.

So I'm turning this over to you. I'll blog when we post the new site. Have a look, then send us feedback:

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