Friday, December 22, 2006

Merry Mobile Christmas To All

I would like to thank you for being a reader of this blog and would like to wish you a very merry holiday and new years over the next week. Holiday time here in the United States is a very busy time and it seems like the best wish I can give is for a warm and relaxing holiday week.

I will be at home with my family all of next week. I believe 2007 will be a very good year for those that use, follow and work in the mobile wireless device and software market. It is the new Internet revolution.

You will also find many holiday themed podcasts now in all of our Mobilcast mobile phone podcast catalogs.

Take Care and will see you next year.

Rob Greenlee

Monday, December 18, 2006

Audio Horoscopes Available in Mobilcast?

Is adding daily updated audio Horoscopes to Mobilcast a good idea? Many here at Melodeo think that adding Horoscopes will boost daily usage of Mobilcast.

What do you think? Should we add it to our default content catalog?

The podcasting source is at

Rob Greenlee

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Mobilcast Top 50 at Cingular

Melodeo "Mobilcast Top 50 Podcasts" for November 2006 at Cingular:

1 - NPR: All Songs Considered
2 - Bubba Bohacks Joke of the day
3 - American Comedy Network Daily
4 - Bill Maher's New Rules
5 - IndieFeed: Alternative / Modern Rock
6 - ABC News 'Desperate Housewives' Minute
7 - NPR: Hourly News Summary
8 - MSNBC News Headlines
9 - The President's Weekly Radio Address
10 - Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List
11 - Michael Feldman's Whad'Ya Know? - All the News that Isn't
12 - KenRadio's World Tech Roundup
13 - NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams
14 - CNN News Update
15 - CBS News Podcast - Wired Magazine
16 - IndieFeed: Folk/Americana
17 - New York Times Front Page
18 - Dane Cook Podcast
19 - InfoWorld Daily Podcast
20 - AP Top 25 College Football Poll
21 - MSNBC Hardball with Chris Matthews
22 - KNPR Commentaries
23 - i HIPHOP i-POD and The Nets number 1 Hip hop and Rap station
25 - CBS - Daily Show
26 - NBC News - Today Show
27 - MSNBC Countdown with Keith Olbermann
28 - AP CelebrityFocus
29 - MSNBC Business News Headlines
30 - - Online Metal Radio
31 - NPR: Story of the Day
32 - KQED's Perspectives
33 - Rap City
34 - NPR: Sports with Frank Deford
35 - Science Channel Features
36 - Greys Anatomy Official podcast
37 - The Official LOST Podcast
38 - IndieFeed: Hip Hop/Rap
39 - MSNBC TechWatch
40 - Ebert & Roeper
41 - NPR: Technology
42 - MLB Radio Daily
43 - Cato Daily Podcast
44 - - Hip-Hop/R&B
45 - New York Times Sports Update
46 - NPR: Health & Science
47 - - Indie Music for the Masses - Rock/Pop
48 - CBS Entertainment News Podcast - Entertainment Report
49 - The RantCast Show
50 - Country Music Cast

Get Mobilcast on your Cingular or Alltel phone at Melodeo

Rob Greenlee

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Cellcast vs. Mobilcast Which is Best?

It should be clear that I have a bias for Mobilcast or Mobilecast as my preferred shortcut name for podcast listening or watching on a mobile phone.

Here is an article that talks about "Cellcasts".

I also found another more recent article talking about The Coming Age of the “Cellcast” or “Mobilcast” and here is a snippet from the Resource Shelf Blog post;

"It’s likely only a matter of time that many users will be able remove the step of downloading audio/video content and then playing it on an iPod/MP3 player. Already happening and we think likely to increase in usage will have users simply streaming (and then saving the content it they like) material to their mobile device or laptop/desktop computer. Live programming, already taking place online, will also grow. Increasing bandwidth from cell/mobile providers will help make this possible." Read the whole post at the Resource Shelf blog.

It is already happening and Melodeo Mobilcast is a strong example as 9 to 1 users are choosing to stream over downloading podcasts with Mobilcast. Users are also listening to short-form content on mobile. Users do download more longer-form podcasts on mobile then stream long-form podcasts.

My conclusion is that:

Downloading on mobile will be mostly done for longer-form content
Content that a listener may want to watch or listen to more then once
Would like to listen when away from the wireless data network.

Rob Greenlee

Mobilcast Adoption at Carriers is Growing Fast

I know that I have never posted here about any of our current Mobilcast user totals and growth rate. I am sure that many in the podcasting industry would be interested to know some numbers. I am not able to give out numbers, but will share as much as I feel that I can.

Right now our fastest growing subscription adoption mobile phone carrier we have right now is 3 UK. They are our newest carrier launch as well, but 3 UK has done a very nice job of packaging Mobilecast into a bundle with other applications on the Nokia N73. I posted on this launch a few days ago in this blog. They are also not charging a subscription fee to get Mobilcast. It comes pre-bundled on the N73 and is downloadable for free to other phones. Users just pay for podcasts based on data usage translated from plan minutes.

The second fastest growing wireless carrier we have in user adoption is Alltel - Axess Mobilcast. Alltel has the largest total user base of all our carriers including our regular mobilcast client application. I wish that I could give you actual numbers. The total number count is impressive for the short amount of time since it has launched. We just launched with Alltel in late June '2006.

Cingular has been growing fast as well, but is not growing as fast as Alltel and 3 UK. That may seem strange to you as Cingular is the largest wireless carrier in the USA, but it is also the carrier that has the most competition for media applications on the mobile phone. The other hold back is the fairly expensive data plan that is need to get internet access on your mobile phone.

We do believe that the combination of a higher mobilcast subscription cost (4.99 or 5.99 per month) and an expensive data plan program does not work as well as a FREE Mobilcast access and paying for mobilcast streaming with wireless minutes. Many wireless users have excess rollover minutes that could be used this way and others would listen to a few short podcasts on the mobile phone that have very little impact on minutes usage on these type of plans.

Rob Greenlee

Unboomed Amanda at is Feedless

While it is very cool that Amanda of RocketBoom fame has now landed at it is very disappointing that ABC has not surface a Video Podcast feed for her new show.

I would like to make it available at, but it appears that ABC has dropped the ball on the most important piece. Sure it is cool to watch it from, but her show will not reach its full potential.

This is one of the problems with working for a big media company like ABC and details like this fall through the cracks. This mistake would never have happened at

Here is an article at the New York Times about Amanda and her new show.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Mobile Phone Podcast Listening Predictions for 2007

I have been seeing a rash of folks predicting podcasting trends for 2007 and thought that I might jump in on this discussion.

First of all, the state of podcasting in late 2006 is relatively strong and still growing but at a slower pace. I think we have been seening a large amount of podfading going on in the USA and in other countries.

Podfading, if you do not know the term is starting a podcast and then burning out and slowly declining in the frequency of recording and publishing of episodes online. I have been guilty of podfading my own 8 year old WebTalk Radio Show. I do have a new WordPress blog being built right now and will be kicking it back into gear again on a weekly schedule of 30 minute shows. I get emails from listeners asking me to keep the show going and I plan to do so. I have been having a hard time doing a regular production for many reasons over the past 6 month or more. I am pushing hard on my work career here at Melodeo and want to impact portable media distribution in a big way. I have big plans coming this next year and it does involve more podcasting in audio and video. This podcasting will not always include me as the host. Stay tuned.

This also leads me to the real purpose of this post and that is to say "The big growing trend for podcasting in 2007 with be two things: Video Podcasting and Mobile Phone distribution" of video and audio podcasts or as we here call it mobilcasts or now MoboFLIX for mobile video.

I also believe that we will see other competing portable media playback device makers start to take back marketshare from the Apple iPod and iTunes engine. I also think this take back and leveling of the playing field is good for everyone involved in podcasting and portable media devices.

I am just seeing so many cool new media playback devices and those include new mobile phones that have large storage capacity, fast broadband wireless Internet connections that can also record and create great quality audio and video content.

We will see many more mobile phone user-created video direct upload to the web and blog to RSS feed services this coming year.

I do think that the number of total listener and viewer numbers will grow slowly in 2007, but will still see strong growth in the content creation side with some podfading as bad content is weeded out from the mix. Major media will continue to keep advancing podcasting as a viable distribution platform.

I think the Zune will eventually start having an impact on podcasting in the next version of the Zune and Zune Marketplace. Microsoft will deploy a directory like solution, but it will be focused more on video and music related podcasts.

I do not believe that Microsoft will ever use the term "Podcast" in any significant way with the Zune device or even in any new windows media play upgrade. It will always be referred to as "RSS Media" attachments.

2007 will be good for Podcasting and more so for Mobile Podcasting and for the new 007.

Rob Greenlee

Thursday, December 07, 2006

A Must Have Nokia N95 and HTC Smart Phones

The coming new NSeries Nokia N95 phone appears to be a must have mobile multimedia computer... phone. This new Nokia phone has a 5 megapixel digital camera, WiFi and a cool music play control on the outside of the phone via a small slider panel. It can also record video at 30 frames per second and has a giant screen. It also accepts a regular head phone jack. Wow all at $700 unlocked.

But as you will see below there is a whole new crop of Windows Mobile Smart Phones that seem to be going main stream and very cool.

The word on the street is that these below 3 cool new HTC phones are NOT just for GEEKS anymore. These phones are attracting women and teens. See below the N95 to see the future unfolding for Windows Mobile and HTC devices.

General Network HSDPA / GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900

Size Dimensions 99 x 53 x 21 mm, 90 cc
Weight 120 g
Display Type TFT, 16M colors Size 240 x 320 pixels, 2.6 inches
Ringtones Type Polyphonic (64 channels), Monophonic, True Tones, MP3 Customization Download Vibration Yes
Memory Phonebook Yes
Call records Yes

Card slot microSD (up to 2GB), hot swap, 128 MB card included - 160 MB internal memory
Features OS Symbian OS 9.2, S60 rel. 3.0 Messaging SMS, MMS, Email, Instant Messaging

Browser WAP 2.0/xHTML, HTML Games
Downloadable Colors Silver Camera 5 MP, 2592 x 1944 pixels, Carl Zeiss optics, autofocus, video(VGA 30fps), flash; secondary CIF videocall camera

Built-in GPS navigation- Installed Maps application covering over 100 countries

- Dual slide design- Java MIDP 2.0- MP3/AAC/AAC+/eAAC+/WMA player
- 3.5 mm audio output jack
- Stereo FM Radio
- Organiser
- Office document viewer
- T9- Push to talk
- Voice dial/memo
- Built-in handsfree
- Battery - Standard battery, Li-Ion 950 mAh (BL-5F)
- Stand-by Up to 220 h
- Talk time Up to 6 h 30 min

Checkout the N95 videos on this page:

See below the other really cool HTC smart phones gaining steam in the market. The below do not yet run Mobilcast but are made by HTC of America.

Check them out below.

T-Mobile Dash

Excalibur / T-Mobile Dash / S620

Cingular 3125

Str Trk / Cingular 3125 / Smartflip / HTC 8500

Cingular 8525 by HTC

HTC TyTN / Cingular 8525 / JasJam / HTC Hermes

Rob Greenlee

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

UK Wireless Carrier "3" Launches N73 with Mobilcast

Melodeo and 3 UK have officially released Mobilcast to millions of advanced mobile phone users in the United Kingdom. 3 UK wireless has launched Mobilcast in an innovative "X-Series" mobile media package around the new Nokia N73 multimedia computer phone. This package includes Mobilcast, mobile Skype, Sling media, Yahoo, Ebay, Orb and the MSN Mobile Live Messenger. Here is a link to the 3 UK X-Series page that is presenting Mobilcast. 3 has done a terrific job presenting Mobilcast on this new Nokia phone.

3 UK is planning on pre-installing Mobilcast podcast application on the N73 and custom podcast content catalog that is mostly UK and European podcast content. This catalog has many podcasts from the BBC, Guardian, Financial Times and many others.

The big difference between 3 and a carrier like Cingular here in the USA is that Mobilcast is available without a paid $3-5 dollar monthly subscription, your use is paid for through being a data plan subscriber that is in addition to your plan minutes. This is a much better way of offering Mobilcast in my humble opinion and is proving out as our growth and pickup of new daily users is far surpassing any other carrier launch we have had to date.

I actually have been using this very cool new N-Series N73 phone as my own personal phone for the past 4 weeks and generally love it.

Thanks to Nokia for sending me the N73 and the N93 phones to review and including me in their Blogger Review Program.

The N73 and N93 have some powerful features: 3.2 megapixel camera with a Carl-Zeiss Optics and large 2.4 inch screen display. This screen on both devices is spectacular as it has very deep and sharp looking colors. The N73 phone is very small in a candy bar form and is very comfortable in the hand and the N93 is huge flip phone that has many screen pivets. I am sure for many the N93 may be too large of a phone, but it fits great in my large hands. The N93 is really a video camcorder first and a phone second as it has a lense cap for the video lens.

The big thing to keep in mind is that the N93 is a tri-band phone and does not really support Cingular very well as it is missing the 850 band I recommend T-Mobile here in the USA for the N93. The N73 is a quad-band European 3G phone and works great with Cingular.

The other things I can do with the N73 phone is directly upload photo's to my account at, subscribe to RSS feeds in the pre-installed new and very capable Nokia web browser. No reason to get the Opera mini or any other mobile browser.

This launch with 3 UK is a promising sign to the potential of mobile phone podcast listening.

Rob Greenlee

Monday, December 04, 2006

NPR Podcast Page at

NPR podcasts now has a page at This page only displays the most popular NPR podcasts right on the page. You can also listen to the most recent podcasts right on the page in the player in an always updating playlist. The current NPR website at does not allow you to listen on the web page. This is a great page to bookmark.

Rob Greenlee

Mobilcast mp3 Download Request IP's

Here are the Melodeo Mobilcast server IP's that are doing the download "mp3" head requests on your podcast RSS feeds. = Feed Request/One time download to our transcoding process = On Phone/Mobilcast Play Request

These IP's should help you track the podcast episode downloads that you are getting from our on phone Mobilcast application with Alltel, Cingular, M1, Rogers Wireless and now 3 UK. The long available regular Free Mobilcast application is also tracked by these IP's.

Rob Greenlee

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Web to Mobile Podcast Subscriptions Now LIVE at

Your Favorite Web Podcast subscriptions in your My Favorites web folder at can now be shared in your My Favorites folder in Mobilcast on your phone for convienient streamed playback of YOUR Podcast

You can create a My Favorites podcast subscription list at and and have that playlist automatically populate your My Favorites podcast list on your mobile phone.

Just create an account at and then visit the "Mobile" section in the upper navigation bar and hit the button on the page to "Link To Web" then generate a code on the next page that you will then enter into your mobilcast client application you have loaded on your mobile phone and you have your same podcasts at also available on your phone.

Check it out today. It is very cool and it does work with Cingular and the regular Mobilcast client. It does not work with Alltel quite yet as they are on a BREW platform and their client version does not support it yet. But is coming very soon.

Rob Greenlee

Monday, November 13, 2006

Podcasts Listening On Any Phone at

The tech news blog has posted about some new companies, Podlinez and Fonpods that make podcast audio listening available to any mobile phone or regular landline phone. This is not a new concept as the Mobile Broadcasting Network has been doing this for many years now and is coming back into fashion again with the growth in interest around getting web-based audio streamed into the phone.

While it is interesting and easy to listen to a podcast by dialing a phone number, it is not what people would think of doing on a phone. The other thing is that this process does not enable podcast search & discovery, bookmarking in the content for later continuation on the phone, being able to get a call while listening to a podcast and then resume it after the call is over. The other drawback is the potential for getting high audio quality playback on the phone.

I can see a small segment of the market being interested in doing this process by saving podcasts phone numbers in their contact list on the phone like a person, but it is just not a long-term model for meeting the long-term listener needs in a iPod replacement device like many of the new mobile phones are becoming.

This is good for a person who has a extra minutes to use for this or likes to listen on the weekends when minutes are unlimited, but it will not be a long-lived model that will work.

Rob Greenlee

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

All Audio and Video Auto-Starting has Ceased

We have decided to auto-start silence on our home page at You can feel safe and easy about visiting the site again to find and create playlists of the best audio and video podcasts on the web today. We will not blow your speakers out with auto-starting media files and cause your browser to stop working as slow loading video podcasts download at the same time you are loading our frontpage. We have done this because YOU have asked for it. Thank you for speaking up about it.

I am working hard to add new video podcasts every day. I am currently adding ski and snowboarding video podcasts from independent podcasters and ski resorts all over the world. These are generally very fun videos and we have also added a mature category that is only reachable via search. I have also added some more channels like G4 TV video podcasts to the website. These G4 videos are some of the best major media branded podcasts available, you should go check them out.

Now on a totally different topic, I will be relaunching my WebTalk Radio Show and website very soon. It will be built on WordPress and should get me back into the groove again in making more regular shows and blogging about general technology topics again.

Rob Greenlee

Friday, October 20, 2006

Auto-Starting of Video at Ceases has decided to stop auto starting podcast video on our frontpage as of Friday afternoon. We just felt that the delays in downloading the video files was slowing down the new user experience and was pushing new users away. We are working to improve, please keep giving us feedback. We are working on some really groundbreaking experiences in the area of playlist and episode management.

I am working on new european language podcast catalogs for many new wireless carrier deals we have coming. It is presently very difficult to find and listen to podcasts from other countries around the world. I am working on building a directory that will feature the best international podcasts. This has been a facinating project and has involved working with international studies students from the University of Washington.

I will post more, but have been busy listening to podcasts and recruiting new podcast content.

Rob Greenlee

Future of Podcasting Discussed on NPR's KUOW in Seattle

I got a chance to join John Moe, host of "The Works" program on Seattle NPR affiliate public radio station earlier this past week to talk about "The Future of Podcasting". We talked about the history of podcasting and where it is today in the area of use and content. We also talked about what people generally think the name "Podcasting" means and about mobile phone podcast listening. My segment is the last in this hour long program, just after Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple.

I would be interested to hear your thoughts on the future of podcasting, leave me a comment.

Here are the links to the mp3 playback:

MP3: High Low

Rob Greenlee

Friday, October 06, 2006

Top 75 Most Popular Melodeo Mobilcasts

Mobile phone podcast listening only.

1.Bubba Bohacks Joke of the day
2.AccuRadio: Top Hits
3.NPR: All Songs Considered
4.AccuRadio: Classic Rock
5.AccuRadio: Country
6.FOXCAST: The Simpsons
7.IndieFeed: Hip Hop/Rap
8.The Onion Radio News
9.CNN News Update
10.Rap City
11.NPR: Hourly News Summary
12.American Comedy Network Daily
13.AccuRadio: Eighties
14.Hip Hop and Kool Aid
15.Max's Hip Hop/Rap Feed
16.ESPN Radio Podcast
17.AccuRadio: Broadway
18.The President's Weekly Radio Address
19.Comedy 365
20.ABC News Daily Dish Podcast
22.NPR: Story of the Day
23.AccuRadio: Classical
24.MTV News: Daily Headlines (Audio)
25.AccuRadio: Sixties
26.NPR: The Unger Report
27.ABC News 'Desperate Housewives' Minute
28.New York Times Front Page
30.MSNBC News Headlines
31.At the movies with Jack
32.NPR: Business Story of the Day
33.Cinema Playground's Movie Quote of the Day
34.Slate Magazine Podcasts
35.i HIPHOP i-POD and The Nets number 1 Hip hop and Rap station
36.IndieFeed: Alternative / Modern Rock
37.Michael Feldman's Whad'Ya Know? - All the News that Isn't
38.IndieFeed: Hip Hop / Rap
39.Slashdot Review
40.The Ricky Gervais Show
41.InfoWorld Daily Podcast
42.New York Times Movie Review
43.CBS News Podcast - Andy Rooney
44.NPR: This I Believe
45.NPR: Sports with Frank Deford
46.alt.NPR: On Gambling with Mike Pesca
47.Live radio by Martha's Vineyard (mvyradio)
48.IndieFeed: Alt/Modern Rock
49.Discovery News
50.Radio 1's Music Interviews
51.CNET daily tech news podcast
52.Bands Under the Radar
53.Daily GizWiz
54.Porn Star Interviews
55.CNN Marketplace Update
56.SGL House Music
57.Asia Cast World News
58.NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams
59.Michael Sragow on movies
60.Gallup Poll Daily Briefing -- Audio
61.KenRadio's World Tech Roundup
62.MSNBC TechWatch
63.KCRW's Film Reviews Mix Podcast
65.IndieFeed: Electronica / Dance
66.India Forums Podcast
67.Pod India : Bollywood - Indian News
68.IndieFeed: Blues
69.MSNBC Business News Headlines
71.New York Times Most E-Mailed Articles
72.KUOW 94.9 Weekday with Steve Scher Hour 2
73.Sermons from the 36th Street church of Christ
74.CBS Entertainment News Podcast - Entertainment Report
75.A Podcast about Indian Music

Rob Greenlee

Monday, October 02, 2006

TV-Like Video Podcast Experience

We have created the beginnings of a very cool experience around RSS-delivered video at You can see above that we are creating a playlist experience with video podcasts. This experience is making the playback of this video much better then any other way possible online. You do not need to transfer the files to an iPod type device, but we will also soon be supporting these videos on the mobile phone.

We play the video in a drop down area in the center of the page on our site. We have a black background so it creates that TV like presentation. The video's are not cached and are played back directly from the content creators web servers. You can control the order that the video's are played back by clicking on the album art or changing the playlist to text and seeing all the episodes in the playlist and selecting one to play.

Visit our site and scroll through the "Popular Video" featured channel at We have many of the very best video podcasts available. I am working hard to find the very best video online for our site.

We are actively look for video podcasters and would love to have your feed in our directory.

Rob Greenlee

Melodeo Mobilcast Officially Launches With Cingular and M1

Today was the day for the official launch of Mobilcast with Cingular nationwide. Cingular has 57 million wireless subscribers and should be a real deal test for Mobilcast in the wild. We have been working hard to build out our platform to support this and the Alltel launch.

Here is a link to our announcement at PC Magazine.

The other real cool thing about this cingular launch that was not mentioned in Cingular's release was the applications support for web to mobile play list mirroring and audio playback bookmarking. This means start listening to a podcast on the web at and you can finish it on the phone later. Very cool. Cingular is also working hard to provide Exclusive podcast content to Mobilcast.

We also officially launched Mobilcast on M1 in Singapore today as well. Both of these carriers have unique on phone directories of podcasts. M1 has many Singapore based podcasts in their directory. Here is a link to M1 pimping the new service.

Rob Greenlee

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Video is Playing at

I am off to the Podcast & Portable Media Expo tonight and we have just launched video podcast support at Check it out!

Rob Greenlee

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Does Apple Own Podcasting?

As we have been seeing over the past few months, Apple has been making efforts to slowly get more control of the name podcast. This has got me thinking about Apple's timing for going after other companies using the word "Pod" and "Podcast" in their name.

It would seem on the surface that Apple benefits greatly by having a name that so strongly connects with the iPod running freely online, but step back and look at the marketplace, Apple is seeing take shape around it. You are seeing Microsoft launching the Zune device that still does not support podcasting in any direct way, but could in future software releases and the many other cool new devices coming out from iRiver, like the Clix and and soon many other competitive mobile phone platform devices with audio and hard drive storage. I can see a real competitive landscape shaping up for Apple.

One way that Apple can keep competitive is to make the term "Podcast" even more associated with the iPod. I believe that Apple wants Podcasting to keep its meaning associated with the iPod.

Apple may want to stop competitors like Microsoft and iRiver from adding a content category in all these new devices that uses the term "Podcast" and force them to just use the term "Audio" or some other term that clouds the marketplace association with on-demand content. This locks up the term "Podcast" to maintain its strong iPod association.

I know Melodeo and Microsoft are very resistant to the idea of using the term Podcast as a major way of referring to the content offered on any competitive platform for a variety of reasons.

One reason is that awareness of the term "Podcast" is very low generally and is I believe known the strongest amoung Apple iPod users.

The other reason is that using the word podcast does always promote the iPod platform and those that have competitive platforms do not want to do that.

You might think that not using the term Podcasting is short sighted, I would differ on that point as we are seeing a new distribution platform war brewing as more and more video publishers online are choosing to only provide links to iTunes as the only place to get their content and not making their RSS feeds freely available form their websites.

Like I said, in my below post we must keep RSS distribution platforms open or we will fall pray to closed networks like the iTunes and iPod platform and will be missing alternative choices in how we get the new cool online content on our phones or any other device we choose to buy.

Rob Greenlee

Friday, September 22, 2006

Is iTunes Destroying Open Growth of Podcast RSS Distribution

It is sad that the original podcatcher application the iPodder Lemon, now known as Juice has been made irrelevent by iTunes. I have heard that the Juice developers have stopped updating the code for it. It is a very good application, we will soon be making it available from as an alternative podcatcher for our users who do not want to use iTunes and just want to get their own playlists loaded on a regular mp3 player using RSS feeds of our users playlists.

It is also very scary the trend that I am seeing of podcasters only linking over to iTunes from their blog or web page and not publically offering an RSS feed link from their website.

I am especially seeing this trend with video podcasters. All podcasters need to keep a link to their RSS feeds available from their websites as a core practice in order to keep other podcatchers and websites in the game. This in combination with podcasters not making sure to submit their feeds to new directories will bring total domination to Apple iTunes and will lock out the broad growth of the podcasting industry.

Rob Greenlee
WebTalk Radio

Melodeo Mobilcast

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Melodeo Web & Mobilcast Top 10's

Here are our Melodeo and Mobilcast Top 10 Podcast Lists. The below podcasts are the most listened podcasts for last week.

The most popular content is shaping up to be primarily short podcasts with the content being either music, comedy and news related.

Top 10 Most Listened Podcast on Mobilcast:

Bubba Bohacks Joke of the day
AccuRadio: Top Hits
NPR: All Songs Considered
FOXCAST: The Simpsons
CNN News Update
AccuRadio: Classic Rock
The Onion Radio News
AccuRadio: Country
Rap City
NPR: Hourly News Summary

Top 10 Alltel Axess Mobilcast:

AccuRadio: Top Hits
Bubba Bohacks Joke of the day
FOXCAST: The Simpsons
AccuRadio: Country
Rap City
American Comedy Network Daily
AccuRadio: Classic Rock
IndieFeed: Hip Hop/Rap
NPR: All Songs Considered
Hip Hop and Kool Aid

Top 10 at

KEXP Song of the Day
NPR: Hourly News Summary
CNN News Update
NPR: Story of the Day
MSNBC Business News Headlines
NPR: Business Story of the Day
Slashdot Review
MSNBC News Headlines
NPR: Shuffle
Bubba Bohacks Joke of the day

Rob Greenlee

Monday, September 18, 2006

Melodeo and Cingular Announcement Follow-up

Many of you saw some articles last week about a mobilcast distribution deal between Melodeo and Cingular. This deal is happening, but at a delayed rollout pace. It is not currently up and available on the Cingular website, but will be within a short period of time.

This Cingular deal is very important to us and should really be an important development in the growth of mobile phone podcast listening. Stay tuned to this website for the latest developments with Cingular and other coming announcements from wireless carriers all over the world. Mobile Phone podcasting is of global impact and interest.

I cannot yet say much about when mobilcast will officially be available for download from Cingular, but rest assured that it is coming very soon.

Rob Greenlee

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Podcast Expo Adventure is Coming Again

I just registered to attend the Portable Media and Podcast Expo in Ontario, California from September 29-30th, 2006. I am not speaking on a panel this year, but will be available to talk about mobile phone podcast listening and distribution with anyone who is interested.

If you are going to the event then look me up and say hi. I am 6' 8" and have brown hair and glasses. I should standout in any room and you should have no problem finding me if you would like to talk with me.

Feel free to give me a call 253.831.5632 and we can spend a few minutes together talking about Melodeo Mobilcast and podcasting.

I am on the content side of the fence here at Melodeo.

Here are our new logo's if you have a need for them with any blog mention of us. I have seen our old logo being used and it would be cool if everyone used the new logos.

Saturday, August 19, 2006 Releases Big Website Update

We have just released a new upgrade to our website. The goal of this update was to improve usability and make the site much more clean in its design elements. We have more improvements coming that include deeplinking URL's and small embedded flash based playlist players that can be placed in your blog, MySpace page or website.

We are also in the process of improving our podcaster affiliate program to enable podcasters to have their podcasts rotated through our front page featured podcast area. The podcasters who join the affiliate program also get automatically included in a seperate affiliate directory on our website.

Please swing by and checkout the changes to our site. I think we are making great strides towards improving your podcast listening experience.

Rob Greenlee

Friday, August 11, 2006

Melodeo: Direct Links To User Pages now has direct links to all user pages and is a great way to see what podcasts people are listening to.

Here is my direct link to my page that shows all the podcasts that I listen to everyday:

You can also hear a virtual on-demand live stream of the Top TechPodcast Network Podcasts at this address using the Windows Media:

Rob Greenlee

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Mobile Podcasting: Will It Crash And Burn?

Some in the podcaster community are saying that mobile podcasting will crash and burn with offers like the announced Alltel Mobilcast distribution deal for $3.99 per month.

First of all, I do not believe that any of the carrier deals will crash and burn, but we are at an early stage with this distribution platform. The carriers will not do deals without revenue from it and the subscription fee is more about getting and paying for data to the phone then about paying for podcasts. We are working our hardest to keep the cost down and make these packages all you can eat plans. We have many of these carrier deals in the pipeline from all over the world. Melodeo is global in its reach and you will see that very soon.

I do agree that it is early for mass acceptance of the total value of podcasts, but that is why early on we need to push shorter form high value content from major well known media brands.

People trust the content from major media brands like NPR and CNN. We are shooting for mass market adoption on mass market phones and getting help from the major media companies to build and reach listeners. I know this is hard to swallow if you are a one person podcast operation. I totally understand from being one of you guys with WebTalk Radio. I am keeping all independent podcasters in mind with Mobilcast and I want to build our inventory from all podcasters.

Please visit and submit your feed.

My role at Melodeo is managing all podcast content and some product marketing. I am seeing high interest in music related and entertainment content. I also see in our stats interest in everything else as well. I am with you in the area of breaking down the barriers to getting people listening to podcasts, but we need to start building a business model around podcasting that extends beyond just selling mp3 players or iPods. We still believe in podcast advertising inside of podcasts, but we believe the podcaster controls that part. I believe that one day we will offer podcasters the ability to earn revenue from mobile distribution, but for now our network and the carriers need revenue from the data passing over the network. Most of these plans are unlimited and are not unlike dialup access from 10 years ago.

We all need to stay positive about the mobile opportunity and keep pushing for great content in all forms and topics. I am on the hunt for great short and longer form podcasts. I believe strongly that mobile is the platform of choice that will enable podcast to compete with Internet and broadcast radio. Our mobile phone client stats are showing stream listening over download is almost 8 stream to 1 download.

The power of mobile is "Click Here" to listen now. Download and side loading has a place, but it is small presently on the mobile phone. Video is on our roadmap and auto podcast sync between mobile and web is already built, but not promoted yet. It is already enabled in our newest java Mobilcast client. The Alltel client does not have the ability yet on BREW.

Please keep giving us feedback and comments. We need your great ideas to help us build this mobile network correctly.

My "Mobile Phone Podcast Listening Blog"

Call me if you have any questions or ideas. See you all at the PodcastExpo.

Rob Greenlee
Mobile: 253.831.5632
WebTalk Radio

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Alltel and Melodeo: Announce Mobile Podcast Service

Alltel Wireless and Melodeo, Inc., announce the first interactive podcast community for PC and mobile phones, today launched Axcess Mobilcast service. The service enables Alltel Wireless customers to easily search and listen to thousands of podcasts on their wireless phones for a monthly subscription of $3.99. Alltel Wireless is the first company in the United States to bring this service to market.

Axcess Mobilcast offers continuously updated podcast episodes and radio shows from popular sources such as NPR and CNN, as well as thousands of independent podcasts from all over the world. The programs are short in duration and cover a wide range of subjects including comedy, music, sports and politics.

Axcess Mobilcast is currently available on several popular Alltel phones. A simple interface allows listeners to browse categories or search programs with no wait time. Podcasts are streamed or downloaded and can be added to the "My Favorites" channel with one click.

This is just the beginning of our efforts to take podcasts to the mobile phone. We have the team and the funding to make this work. Please let me know what you think of this announcement.

I also just launched a Mobilcaster Podcast to keep everyone up to date with info about us in a regular podcast. The feed for that is at and the first show is here:

Coverage so far:

Alltel, start-up team for mobile podcasting ZDNet - 1 hour agoPodcast network Melodeo has teamed up with Alltel Wireless for the launch of Axcess Mobilcast, which will make Melodeo's podcast library available to Alltel ...
Alltel to offer podcasts on cellphones Reuters - 10 hours agoScott T. Ford, President and Chief Executive Officer of Alltel; prior to July 1, 2002, President and Chief Operating Officer of Alltel. Director of... Full Bio. ...
Alltel to offer podcasts on cellphones Washington Post, United States - 10 hours agoNEW YORK (Reuters) - Alltel Corp. the No. 5 US cellphone provider, said on Tuesday it will provide a service to download audio clips ...

Alltel Launches Mobile Podcasting Service ADOTAS, NY - 1 hour agoMobile phone provider Alltel Wireless has partnered with podcast community Melodeo Inc. to provide Axcess Mobilecast, a paid monthly ...

Alltel Wireless and Melodeo Announce New Mobile Podcast Service ... Business Wire (press release), CA - 2 hours agoLITTLE ROCK, Ark.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Aug. 8, 2006--Alltel Wireless (NYSE: AT), America's largest network, and Melodeo, Inc., the ...

Alltel Wireless and Melodeo Announce New Mobile Podcast Service ..., Germany - 3 hours agoAlltel Wireless (NYSE: AT), America's largest network,and Melodeo, Inc., the first interactive podcast community for PC andmobile phones, today launched Axcess ...

Alltel, start-up team for mobile podcasting CNET, CA - 1 hour agoMelodeo inks deal with Alltel Wireless to stream podcasts to cell phones; more US carriers to follow. Podcast network Melodeo has ...

Alltel to offer podcasts on cellphones Reuters - 10 hours agoNEW YORK (Reuters) - Alltel Corp. (AT.N: Quote, Profile, Research) the No. 5 US cellphone provider, said on Tuesday it will provide ...

Alltel Announces New Mobile Podcast Service Mobiledia, MD - 1 hour agoAlltel Wireless and Melodeo today launched Axcess Mobilcast service, allowing customers to easily search and listen to thousands of podcasts on their wireless

Rob Greenlee

Sunday, July 30, 2006

New Improvements Released

We released some new upgrades and inprovements to on Friday. I have been working hard to improve our podcast content catalog. The site will continue to improve, so please come by the site and check it out.

We have some very big announcements coming in August. I believe that these announcements will change the landscape and perceptions about the future of mobile phone listening of podcasts. Look out iPod and Zune here we come. Read this

Soon we will be redirecting the current and domain names to

Rob Greenlee

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Blending Effective Advertising In Quality Content

I believe in two schools of thought about podcast advertising. The first most effective podcast advertisment is one that includes the message as part of the discussion about a broader topic that is presented in a way that people will be interested in listening. It becomes a valuable exchange of value between the company and the listener. The other way is live read host mention in the content of the program.

I recently did an interview with the President/COO of a company called and it was an 18 minute conversation about the video calling industry and how SightSpeed is innovating in the marketplace. I have never recieved a penny from any interview that was directly paid for by an advertiser, but have done interviews and then at a later date the same company become an advertiser.

I have been doing candid conversations with CEO's and other spokespersons from companies for years. I know it is currently thought to be unethical to get paid to do an interview as content for a radio show. It has always been a difficult delema for show producers and hosts to produce quality content that often includes detailed discussion about products and services and not get paid for the massive promotion the is given on their behalf. Many of these companies could become advertisers on radio shows or podcasts, but do not because all of the marketing budget is going to getting free interview placement through a PR firm.

The movie industry is an example of paid product placement, it is happening in every movie these days. These product placement deals are not disclosed to the audience as paid product placement. I think the real issue is whether these detailed discussions are honest or are they just like an infomercial. We are even seeing more infomercials work hard to make these half hour commercials feel like honest content, but the only real difference is that they always say at the beginning of the infomercial that this is a is a paid placement. Most viewers do not see the first 15 seconds of the infomercial and think that the program is a legitiment piece of content.

It is getting more difficult for broadcast radio shows to get advertisers and sponsors, thus the radio stations are shifting the financial burden on too the content providers. Most broadcast radio stations charge from $100 to $2,000 dollars per hour of airtime. The show producer ownes some or most of the hour or half hour time slot.

This financial pressure makes it difficult for most content producers to make any money. All legitiment content shows and infomercials pay this amount. Podcasting does make production of a radio show much cheaper and easier. Thus the explaination for the explosion of new radio like content online.

Rob Greenlee
WebTalk Radio

Sunday, July 16, 2006

The Daily Show Talks About Net Neutrality -- Must See!

You must see this video segment from a recent "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart" episode that makes fun of Sen. Ted Stevens (R-Alaska) who is overseeing the decisions about the "Net Neutrality" issue. Senator Stevens is quoted in saying in this segment that the Internet is a "series of tubes". This is a must see, as it will give you a very clear picture of who is leading the hair brained and stupid decisions around the Internet coming out of congress and the senate right now that could dramatically impact our access to podcasts and other streaming media on the Internet.

This link will take you to the "Rain: Radio and Internet Newsletter" for July 14th to see this video and read their comments as well.

Rob Greenlee

New WebTalk Show: Are Walled Garden Broadband Networks Coming

Show Guest Co-Host: Mitch Ratcliffe, ZDNet Rational Rants Blog

Show Topics:

- Have we seen this before and why do we need Net Neutrality.
- What is Net Neutrality
- Global Browser War Heating Up
- Podcasting State of Confusion
- RocketBoom 2.0 Launches New Host
- Ted Koppel Launches NPR Podcast

Show Hosts: Rob and Dana Greenlee
Visit Website: WebTalk Radio

Listen 45 min show from July 14, 2006:

mp3 (18MB) and Windows Stream (48K)

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Nielsen//NetRatings Replies To "Podcaster" Mistake

I sent an email to my contact at Nielsen//NetRatings about the podcasting research study publish yesterday and I got this email response back from them;

"Thanks for your feedback on our use of the word "podcasters." Because this is a relatively new technology, the terms haven't all been hammered out, but your point is well-taken. We hope we made it clear that we were referring to those who dowload podcasts in the first paragraph of the release."

I am sorry, but the above given reason for the mistake is very lame. Nielsen//NetRatings has lost a lot of credibility with many in the online space from this mistake. I think they have especially lost credibility with podcasters and bloggers.

We just don't need any more potential listeners or people confused about Podcasting.

Side note; I am going to try and get a researcher from Nielsen//NetRatings on my WebTalk Radio show podcast very soon to talk about this research. We shall see if they can make any sense on the phone with me.

Rob Greenlee

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

What is a Podcaster? Nielsen//NetRatings is Confusing Everyone

I was a little confused by these findings and the terminology used in this study.

Nielsen//NetRatings seems to think that listeners are podcasting or podcasters when they listen to a podcast program. I thought that podcasting is only done by podcasters or people who create content and that viewers view video podcasts and listeners listen to podcasts.

Whew... very confusing. I can only imagine the general confusion by everyday people who read this research.

See below the findings from Nielsen//NetRatings about the current podcasting adoption in the USA.

Nielsen//NetRatings announced today that 6.6 percent of the U.S. adult online population, or 9.2 million Web users, have recently downloaded an audio podcast. 4.0 percent, or 5.6 million Web users, have recently downloaded a video podcast.

These figures put the podcasting population on a par with those who publish blogs, 4.8 percent, and online daters, 3.9 percent. To put this in perspective, though, Nielsen notes that podcasting is not nearly as popular as paying bills online, 51.6 percent, or online job hunting, 24.6 percent.

"The portability of podcasts makes them especially appealing to young, on-the-go audiences," said Michael Lanz, analyst, Nielsen//NetRatings. "We can expect to see podcasting become increasingly popular as portable content media players proliferate," he continued.

Young people are more likely than their older counterparts to engage in audio or video podcasting. Web users between the ages 18 and 24 are nearly twice as likely as the average Web user to download audio podcasts, followed by users in the 25-34 and 35-44 age groups, who were also more likely than the average Web user to do audio podcasting.

Video podcasters trended a little older, with 25-34 year olds indexing the highest. Web users above the age of 45 were less likely than average to engage in podcasting of either sort.

You can get the full PDF file of the study here.

Rob Greenlee

What is a Podcast? Ask a Ninja

This is a fun way of explain what a podcast is to anyone. Give it a watch

Source: Ask a Ninja Video Podcast

Rob Greenlee

Does Podcast Always Mean iPod Listening?

Most people still equate podcast listening with the iPod. I believe this will become a growing issue for the broader content creation and distribution side of of the podcasting industry. Can we call Podcasting an industry? What do you think? Does almost 100 million links in Google for the search term "Podcasting" make this an industry yet. I think so as more and more people and companies are building businesses that include or are based on Podcasting.

The issue of the name "Podcast" that started almost two years ago with the very early podcasters that includes myself expressed great concern over the name being so linked up with the Apple iPod platform. It is a good and bad thing all at the same time. The fact is that podcasting would not be what it is today without the iPod. Yet at the same time podcasting being so linked up with the iPod will in the long run inhibit its longer term growth rate.

The core issue centers around the growth of other ways to listen to podcast content. We are starting to see more potential opportunities for the growth and innovation around podcasting get dampened by the strong connection the public at large has about podcasting being something you only do on an iPod device. While this is very good for Apple, it is creating a wall of perception that is getting in the way of helping move podcast listening to the mass market with other platforms and technologies.

The reality of today is that most people do not consume podcast content on the iPod, but from a web page. This actually is more of a webcast type of function and that more and more people think of a podcast as a certain type of content that only available on the iPod.

I am also seeing media, research firms and many others use the Podcast term so broadly to refer to listeners, podcast creators and types of content that it is getting very confusing to everyday new people that hear about podcasting.

In a response to these concerns I am also hearing rumblings in some of the podcaster email list groups talk about starting a co-op or fundraiser to put together a massive advertising campaign to promote podcasting to non-iPod platforms and on the web. The industry feels so locked into the Apple + iTunes platform that it worries them for long-term growth. The podcasters are also getting very tired of telling people that you do not need an iPod to listen to podcasts.

The podcasters and companies offering alternative listening and discovery technologies need to get together and build the other side of podcast distribution.

We are interested here at Melodeo Mobilcast as we are focused on Web and Mobile Phone distribution. Please post a comment to this post if you are in support of putting a co-op advertising buy that promotes non-iPod podcast listening.

Rob Greenlee
WebTalk Radio Podcast

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

More Gnomedex Melodeo Launch Photos

More photo's from the Gnomedex Melodeo Launch Presentation.

Are We Talking Personalized Radio Playlists

The BBC has been debating the future of its podcasting experiment and whether it will continue podcasting in its present form. The concept of Personalized Radio Stations has come up as a possible future path for the BBC to better blend the broadcasting with the on-demand side that has been created by on-demand streaming and podcasting.

The BBC is trying to find what is next for the evolution between broadcast radio and on-demand or downloadable digital media. MyBBCRadio player is the model for BBC Personalized Radio Station concept. I believe that we are seeing the beginnings of this concept here at Melodeo with our playlist management platform.

Here is part of a post from the Alan in Belfast blog;

Podcasting has come from nowhere to be a relevant consideration for any radio producer wishing to reach the widest possible audience. But is this still radio and can this form of programming ever be more than just a nice add-on? Is it a revenue source or a valuable form of marketing, and if so what are the success stories that point to a viable future for podcasting?

Or as many broadcasters in the USA are already predicting, is podcasting the first step towards the end of traditional radio habits and the start of a more direct relationship between programme maker and listener, with a wide selection of producers supplying their stuff with the mediation of radio stations?

I think the key take away from the above is that radio broadcasters and podcasters need to be thinking about listener relationships and breaking down the seperation between broadcast radio and podcasting. I think technology will make it easier to blend the two together and empower the listener to create a "Personal Radio" experience. I think we have been moving down the path of thinking that on-demand radio like podcasting needs to be a seperate experience from regular radio listening and I just don't agree.

The recent research by Bridge Rating is showing that podcast listening actually helps drive up broadcast radio listenership. This actually tells me that all radio programming needs to be on-demand as well. Generally we are making it too hard to get to live radio broadcast programs and most do not need to be listened to live.

I have been on all the distribution sides for many years with my own radio show called WebTalk Radio. The program has been on terrestrial broadcast radio, satillite radio, webcast streamed and podcasted. I have seen it all and feel that the listener just wants to listen in as easy way as possible.

I think we are presently making things confusing for listeners. They are seeing so many media formats and ways to get to media that is expensive and hard to understand. I believe that we need to really work hard to remove those barriers. I also think that we should blend on-demand media and live audio programing on as many internet connected platforms as possible.

No one has come up with a technology platform that creates one playlist that is what I would call a "Personalized Radio Playlist" yet that combines all on-demand audio and possibly video with live radio and video programming to create a complete "Personalized Playlist" that could be injected with software intellegence that would create a great listener experience.

Melodeo has started down the path towards helping listeners create personal podcast playlists that will soon include video podcasts. We just need to start thinking about what it will take to get broadcasters to put up full length programs. I have heard many say that the content that broadcasters need to produce needs to always be different for digital online distribution and feel that is many times incorrect. Good quality content is good content and if a program is good on the air it will be most often well recieved online as well. This is especially the case as we move the on-demand online audience more mainstream. We are just making it hard to get to audio and video content right now.

We also need to put more energy behind content suggestion technologies. The key is smarter playlist management platforms that bring all content online on to one platform and gives the broadcaster the security to share all. This security part is important and some level digital rights controls will need to be inserted into this or any wide reaching content platforms. The blending in of paid subscription content will be important to creating this integrated and easy to use listening platform.

Rob Greenlee

Monday, July 03, 2006

Melodeo vs. Odeo Names

Scripting News blogger Dave Winer posted this below about the simularity between Melodeo and Odeo names;

"Melodeo looks good, but isn't its name too close to Odeo?"

Dave, yes you are correct that the names both have the word odeo included and that could trigger a quick "knee-jerk" reaction to the fact that the Odeo word is included in the Melodeo name. The fact is that the name is enough different and any association between the two is weak. The name Melodeo has been online longer then Odeo.

I think is great for podcasting and they have terrific technology. We just feel that the names are different enough to not create any problems for either company.

The discussion about the technology and view point on making a great listening and podcast discovery is a much more important discussion to be having. We are looking for your feedback on how we can make your podcast listening experience as good as possible.

The podcasting industry needs to focus on educating potential listeners about the advantages of listening to podcasts and to drive better discovery, user interfaces and listening technology.

Rob Greenlee

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Sen. John Edwards "One America" Podcast and Melodeo

Senator Edwards on "Your Mobile Phone". His podcast is on and Mobilcast. What do you think of the timing on camera shutter button? It was not set-up.

It was great to see a former Democratic Vice Presidental candidate up close and personal at Gnomedex in Seattle yesterday. Former Sen. John Edwards which we had a joint press announcement with a few days ago... read annoucement.

The announcement came about from a phone call that I got from a person on Senator Edwards podcasting team that they would like to work with us to distribute the "One America" podcast. I quickly agreed to work with them as we are wanting to build out our political content areas coming into the 2006 and 2008 national election cycles.

We both decided to get out an announcement about Senator Edwards podcast being available through our Melodeo Mobilcast and

We wish Senator Edwards good luck in his march towards the White House in 2008. We know he has not officially announced his campaign, but it sure looks like he will run.

Rob Greenlee

gnomedex, gnomedex06, john edwards

Melodeo at Gnomedex

The last 48 hours at Gnomedex have been very interesting and fun as I got the chance with our Exec. VP Bill Valenti to demo and present the new website.

Bill and I had 10 minutes to demo the new site and mobile experience. We had no big plan to present and was done very informally. We just got up on the stage and just showed how the website works and the bigger vision of the new site. Time got away from us and we did not mention a few things like coming support for video podcasts.

We felt positive about the reception of our concept of blending mobile and web podcast listening. We also felt that the concept of making the "Best Podcast Listening Experience" possible on the web and mobile was well received by all.

The Melodeo team deserves a big thanks for all the terrific work that they put in to build this great new website. We have only begun to build this site and we have a long way to go.

The dream of podcast listening is still alive and well. See us around the world very soon as I am pulling together podcasts from countries all over the world.

Friday, June 30, 2006

Coming New Melodeo Mobilcast Branding

Here is a sneak peek of the new branding that is coming for the Mobilcast Mobile Phone Application.

This post was made from Gnomedex and if you want to listen to the live stream then click here.

Rob Greenlee

gnomedex, gnomedex06

Thursday, June 29, 2006 Wild Fire Launch

We are excited to officially announce the launch of our beta website. We have been working hard to bring this site to life over the past 2 months.

This new website is the first podcasting and social networking service for PC and mobile phones, the two most important and widely used device and computing platforms in the world. Melodeo allows anyone to experience a truly global mix of news, entertainment, music and discussion.

Former U.S. Senator John Edwards is one of the first national figures to podcast, and an early Melodeo user.

We are going to be announcing the launch of this website at the end of the day on Friday, on the stage at Gnomedex in Seattle. Gnomedex is the annual geek fest that is put on by Techie Chris Pirillo of Tech TV fame.

At you can create your own page on the site; build a podcast playlist that will start playing when you login to the site and share podcast episodes with your friends. Other features include the ability to shout comments, discuss podcasts on the site and listening away from the PC on your mobile phone with Mobilcast.

If you are a podcaster, then is a great place to create a community around you and your podcast. Actively participating in the site on a regular basis is a good way for you to promote your show and build a larger audience.

Please jump on the site and make sure your show is in our database and then send out invites to join and share an episode of your show with other people and friends in the community.

The extension to mobile phone listening and compelling podcast playlist management is a fun and powerful combination. We are working hard to bring huge distribution with major wireless carriers from all over the world that will bring your podcast the potential of reaching millions and millions of new listeners over the coming months and years.

We are not planning to insert any audio around any podcasts and we are bringing potentially millions of new listeners as we roll out our mobilcast mobile phone podcast listening application for mass market phones to all the largest wireless carriers around the world. All of you need to have your podcasts in our database. We are all about building mass market use and listening adoption.

You can easily submit at

Our money will primarily be made from shared revenue with wireless carriers and selling branded versions of our community and mobile platform. We are doing deals with wireless carriers all over the world right now and will be announcing some very soon. We have already launched at Rogers in Canada.

We also enable the generation of a feed url of just your subscribed to podcast episodes from your personal podcast playlist that is usable in podcatcher applications like juice and others.

Please come check it out and create a profile for your show and for you personally. This is all very simple.

Here are a few blogger posts about the new site: Blog

Seattle PI - Sen. John Edwards and Melodeo

Podcast Herald

Rob Greenlee
WebTalk Radio, Podcaster

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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Nokia N91 Podcasting

All of a sudden Nokia has burst on to the podcasting scene with the release of its own Podcasting application for Nokia series 60 phones. The actual target device for this new podcasting application is its new N91. This application appears to be just the start to a much more expanded support for podcasting in the future. Read more here from Gizmodo.

This new N91 music phone landed on my door step yesterday and it was a very pleasent surprise (disclosure: I am a member of the Nokia Blogger Program and got this N91 phone for Free to review). I was having a very bad day (Tues, June 20) as my streaming webserver for WebTalk Radio and a few other shows was under a brutal hacker attack and I was sick and could not talk.

This N91 Nokia phone is an amazing device as it has a 4GB internal hard drive. Once I started using it and put my Cingular SIM card into it and got internet access then it tried to connect to my home WiFi connection. This is a first for me to have a phone with WiFi. Wow, what an experience that is. Our Mobilcast application defaulted to work with the WiFi instead of Cingular's GPRS and it created a extremely fast user experience and downloading podcasts was a snap, but streaming worked great as well.

The other thing about this phone is the sound quality, that makes our low bitrate AMR formated podcasts sound very good. The phone has an elaborate music playback application that rivals the iPod and the sound is as good as an iPod. Why would I need an iPod now. I have an iPhone already with this N91. The headphones are really good and have a remote control, the front of the phone has an iPod like control wheel.

This is clearly a glimps into the future of mobile phones, but it gets warm when playing media for an extended period of time. It is very strong in the ability to playback and store high quality media.

One draw back so far is that the device does not give you the easy option to go from a carrier based GPRS data connection to WiFi simply. Mobilcast defaults to the WiFi connection and does not fall back to GPRS when I am out of Wifi range. This phone is great for listening to podcasts and music.

I would highly recommend this phone as it has the Wow factor and it has some very good next generation features, but most will find the $600 unlocked cost for the phone a little steep. I did see it for $350 at Google's Froogle site, but you never know whether you would actually get it at that much of a reduced price.

Rob Greenlee
WebTalk Radio

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Melodeo's DRM Released Open Source PachyDRM

PachyDRM is the first Open Source Digital Rights Management system for any media, any device on any network. It’s in direct contrast to closed and proprietary technologies such as Apple Fairplay and Microsoft DRM.

Commercially deployed by Melodeo since 2004, PachyDRM has been licensed by leading device manufacturers and endorsed by major content providers. PachyDRM is a proven solution for all leading business approaches, including pay-per-download transactions and subscription services.

Among its distinctions, the PachyDRM code was used for the world’s first commercial deployment of legal peer-to-peer music file sharing on mobile phones in Canada, and it has been selected by Access Media as the basis of legal, protected digital content distribution in China.

There is more information at and you can read more in our Press Release today.

Rob Greenlee

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Scoble Joins Podcasting Firm

The net is a buzz with the news that the Microsoft Geek Blogger Robert Scoble has decided to leave Microsoft and join the newly VC funded podcasting firm that is headed by John Ferrier. See Chris Pirillo's blog post and read Robert's most recent post about all the discussion. I think this is great news for the podcasting industry to have a guy like Robert in our camp.

I have spent time with Robert and John over that past few months. John agreed to have his podcast content in our Melodeo Mobilcast podcast database that is available on the mobile phone. I also asked Robert to be a co-host on my WebTalk Radio Show in the past and at the time he did not feel that he would have the regular time to do the show.

He has done two shows with me over the years. One at (mp3 from 2005) download and the other on my WebTalk Radio Show (mp3 from 2004).

This should give you some idea on how he will do on an audio podcast, but I am sure we will see him doing far more video podcast programs. I believe that I will be watching Robert on my TIVO box very soon and listening to him on phone with Mobilcast.

Rob Greenlee

Friday, June 09, 2006

Hear My Podcasts RSS Playlist

Here is a little sneak peek into our coming new beta podcasting website at

Listen to what I am listening.

The below RSS feed is directly from my personal podcast playlist and is kept current with the latest episodes.

Visit and sign-up for our coming beta at the end of the month.

Rob Greenlee

Podcast By Any Other Name

Is still a "Podcast" to 30% of the world right now. Kinda hard and too late to right that boat now.

Mark Ramsey, Hear 2.0 blogger and broadcast radio consultant posted this:

"Podcast is, when you think about it, an absolutely horrible name for the technology," writes Ramsey. "We don't watch a TVcast, we watch a TV show. We don't listen to a Radiocast, it's a radio show or a radio station. And much of podcast listening isn't even done on an mp3 player, let alone an iPod."

I do agree with some of Mark's thoughts on this, but I am not sure why we are trying to come up with a new name again when we already have good names to use: Webcast to describe audio being listened to from a website as a stream or progressive download stream. Today over 50% of podcasts are heard from a webpage and not through a portable media player.

Unless we are using the term podcast to define content and not a distribution process or platform then an mp3 listened to from a webpage is not a Podcast, but a Webcast.

It is true that many people confuse a Webcast as always a live stream, but it is a more generic term that describes any audio or video that is viewed or heard from a webpage or over the Internet.

You can hear Mark and I talking about Podcasting at ITConversations

In response to Mark's post, the folks at recently made this post:

To which we say, "Audiomag?"

Ramsey may not be aware that plenty of smart people have tried to come up with better names than "podcasting":

Narrowcasting, which is like podcasting, except with a more targeted message;
iPodcasting, which is like podcasting for iPod elitists;
Nanocasting, which is like podcasting to a tiny audience for money;
Bodcasting, which is like podcasting, except with pictures of Playboy Bunnies instead of audio;
Zencasting, which is like podcasting, except that you're Creative and can't say "pod";
Tivocasting, which is like podcasting for TVs;
Audcasting, which rhymes with podcasting and means about the same thing;
Pudcasting, codcasting, sodcasting, scrodcasting and (we're starting to make these up now) spudcasting.

These are all silly attempts to rename Podcasting, but it is correct that many smart people wanted to change the podcast name very early in the development of it, but saw the wave and just got out of the way.

It is just too late to rebrand the word podcasting. I think Mobilcast has come the closest as it describes a unique off shoot of podcasting to the mobile phone.

Even Seth Godin jumped in on the discussion to post this comment to Mark's post:

Mark Ramsey is usually right. This time he's wrong, twice. "Podcasting" has a bad name.

Mark says "podcasting" is a bad name, and that something understandable, like "audiomag" would be better, because more people would know what it is.
I guess TV should have been called "pictureradio".

Not only is podcasting one of the great names of our generation, but it could have been even braver, not less brave. If you've going to invent a new product that is more than just an incremental improvement, then that new product requires a new slot in the mind, a new way of thinking. Giving it a name that permanently links it to old thinking doesn't help. "Sneakers" is better than "athletic shoe".

I agree with Seth in his thought that the name "Podcasting" is one of the great names of our generation as it has created a revolution around user level media creation. No other word besides "Blogging" can be held in the same regard. We all talk about leveling the media playing field. This is what Podcasting impact is really about.

Rob Greenlee
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Monday, June 05, 2006

Mobile Phones as a Webservers

Nokia has been working on a project called "Raccoon", which is enabling the running of an Apache webserver on a Symbian based mobile phone. The idea is to enable phone configuration and setup from a browser via bluetooth connection. Most of newer mobile phones have as much processing power as early Internet webservers.

Now, this concept of embedding a small webserver into a small wireless device is not new, see the funny "Fly Webserver" from 2002.

This type of functionality has interesting possibilities. I can think of many possible uses for this little webserver on the phone. I can image distributing a personal mobile website to other mobile phones and regular computer users. This personal website could have my photo's, video and audio on it and could be updated in real-time. Wow, what a concept! I could mobilcast audio, video and photo's right from my phone.

Nokia or the wireless carriers would need to operate DNS servers and firewalls to protect users. The other challenge would be media formats. The phone would need to be able to transcode or create these media files in the correct format.

In the early days of the web many people thought that home connected broadband users would one day setup webservers in the home and that did not happen. It is very possible that very few people will want to use a webserver in their mobile phones, but if we created an easy way to do it and it created revenue for wireless carriers then it just might actually happen.

It is fun to dream about these possibilities and it will be interesting to see if in fact these things actually happen.

Rob Greenlee

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Now Accepting Limited Beta Requests

I would like to invite you to visit and give us your email address and we will send you an invite to become a limited beta reviewer. The email invites will go out over the next few weeks.

I cannot share much detail about the features and function of the new website yet, but can say that it will transform how you listen to podcasts and mobilcasts. We are taking the geek and RSS out of podcast listening. The site will change the way you think about how listeners control and consume podcast content.

We have taken a lession on the fact that 56% of people listen to podcasts on a PC and 44% listen on an mp3 player.

Over the next few weeks we will be releasing more details as the site gets closer to being ready.

The new site is at