Friday, December 30, 2005

Show Me The Data

I'm growing tired of arguing about podcast usage without having any data to back up any claims. I'm using Bridgeratings' November forecast of 6m individuals having downloaded a podcast in 2005. Other than that I'm at a loss, and it's not for a lack of looking. It's making it damn hard to move the ball forward on a few fronts.

The biggest ongoing debate we have is about who is listening to podcasts and where they get them. I continue to argue that iTunes is responsible for about 40% of all podcast downloads, based on some data that Rob came up with. But for every weakly substantiated point there's a weak counterpoint. And we have folks in the company who have to be right so they can't just accept that the data, as flawed as it is, might just be good enough.

What I need is for the reputable analysts - Gartner, Giga, IDC, Juniper, Jupiter, etc - to do some hardcore research around podcast usage. Who listens, how often, what sources, what percentage is on a PC v. a portable device. It's surprising that none of these guys have jumped on the bandwagon yet. Time to try to fix that.

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