Tuesday, December 27, 2005

The Personal Connection

I've been re-reading Rob's post from Friday. Two important things come out here. First, personal connection. Second, podcasters make up the majority of podcast listeners.

At the risk of sounding pessimistic for a moment, there is no pent up demand for podcasts out there. Yes it's growing, and sure it's the buzzword of 2005. But we're not at the peak of the hype curve yet. Only 6 million people will have downloaded a podcast by the end of 2005. That's 2% of PC users. Not an overwhelming number. But the forecasts are encouraging. The number of podcast listeners should more than triple in 2006.

Content will drive the growth. But to make this happen it needs to be relevant, and there needs to be the connection Rob talks about. This is true on both the PC and the cell phone, but perhaps moreso on the phone because it's the newer device for listening to podcasts.

Rob's taken on the responsibility for driving Mobilcast content partnerships, and thus far is doing a great job - we'll have some cool announcements in early 2006. One of his challenges, th0ugh, is finding content that is well suited to the phone and how people use it. He's making great progress, but we have more to do. He has the right priorities.

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