Friday, December 23, 2005

Mobile Internet Access Enables Personal Mobilcast Connections

I got a Nokia N90 review phone from Nokia a few weeks ago and I have been pondering the realities of accessing the Internet on my cell phone. I signed up for Cingular service and had them add their MEdia Net unlimited Internet access plan for $19.95 per month to the phone. This seems to be rather expensive, but considering how much you might spend on data to the phone with a per KB transfer plan it is cheap. The 1 to 3 cents per KB plans cost much more if you listen to Podcasts.

I have been actually using the Nokia N90 to visit websites and have been using the Mobilcast software to listen to great Podcasts; CNN Hourly Updates, ABC News Nightline and NBC’s Meet the Press. I also feel myself compelled to find and listen to Podcasts about my profession of Marketing and Podcasts done by my friends. These friends Podcasts range from Todd Cochrane of the Geek News Central podcast, Andy McCaskey of Slashdot Review to my wife Dana Greenlee’s Netcast Podcasts. The thing that is interesting is that I have a deep level of personal connection to this content. I am compelled and want to listen to these programs on a regular basis. I want to keep up with what they are doing and at the same time learn a lot from the content that they produce. I think this is a key distinction about podcasts in general and what motivates people to listen to independently produced podcasts.

What is important to me is both major media Podcast content and other Podcast content that I have a personal connection. This personal connection to the people who voice the content goes back to the basics of broadcasting, the host that pulls a big audience has the ability to connect at a personal level with the audience or the numbers will never develop. Just look at Howard Stern as he is the classic example.

The bottom line for me is that mobile Internet connected cell phones are today able to extend our ability to communicate with each other and that Mobilcasting can be a great way to stay up to date with friends who may be experimenting with making Podcasts. The number of people and companies making audio Podcasts is growing fast and thus the listeners to Podcasts are also growing fast. I am a firm believer that podcasters listen to Podcasts and maybe the largest group of Podcast listeners. I think the growth in Podcasting is more about creation and personal connection.

I have been producing a weekly podcast called WebTalk Radio for over a year now and to me it is about learning, meeting great people when I do interviews for the show and sharing my knowledge. I am at Mobilcast to help the company extend this personal connection between the listener and the content creator who is also the listener. Doesn’t this sound more like a personal conversation? Interesting question. Hope you and your family have a great holiday.

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