Thursday, December 08, 2005

Mind Block

Today I have mindblock so I'm afraid I don't have anything really meaningful to write about. Guess I'll just give a short update on things:

Expect a revision on our web site end of next week. Mostly content tweaks.

Next week we will make it possible for anyone to download Mobilcast to their phone, even if we haven't tested that particular phone. Essentially it's a real beta program.

Still on track for a new release of Mobilcast at the start of the new year, sticking to our goal of releasing a new version every 6 weeks.

Still adding fresh content. Be sure to "Look for Updates" when you start the client. There's some really cool new stuff in there. Check it out.

You know, it's pretty easy to look at what's wrong. Sometimes it's nice to take stock of what's going right.

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