Friday, December 09, 2005


Eric Rice posts about BlogsnDogs today. Love the last line:

"I'm going to put out a challenge to my fellow experts, A-listers, and visionaries. Get your butts out of your ivory towers, get off your high horses of entitlement, and think about the Long Tail. Truly, truly engage the Long Tail. Some folks out there do a great job of this; others don't. Some debate, quarrel, and otherwise spin the tires upon deaf and perhaps, bored ears. Find your inner fire and share it with someone else. Someone new. It might be the single biggest difference you make, and not for yourself, but for someone else."

It's not just the A listers, visionaries, etc. who need to do this. It's any small, scrappy startup trying to make a go in this new world. You have to engage customers directly. Ask them what they think and what they want, and really listen to the answer.

On a somewhat related topic, earlier this week I posted on a related topic, asking if people would mind getting a call from us to ask about their experiences using the product. I had convinced myself that customers would hate that so we shouldn't try it. Call me a flip-flopper but I'm changing my view. Call 'em. If they don't get pissed call more. And so on. What better way to connect.

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