Tuesday, November 15, 2005

We've Released Mobilcast v2

Today we released Mobilcast v2. We think it's a great product, and believe consumers will, too. When we approached v2 we set 3 priorities: 1) make it easy to get Mobilcast on a phone; 2) make Mobilcast even easier to use; 3) make a lot of content available. We believe we've succeeded.

Make it easy to get: We introduced SMS download of Mobilcast a few weeks ago. We're continuing that method, and soon will add a short code so you can SMS us. We've also added a bunch of phones to the mix, bringing our total up to 12 today. And we're going to do our best to add 2 a week. We've also added a cool feature called "Share" that allows you to SMS the download link to your friends.

Make Mobilcast even easier to use: We've tuned the UI so that Mobilcast is even more intuitive. We've also added streaming capability. So now you can chose to download the podcast, or listen to it right away be streaming it to your phone. Streaming gives the immediate gratification consumers want.

Content: We're adding new content all the time. Streaming lets us pull in longer podcasts. And we have guys making Mobilcast specific podcasts. We think we'll match the content found online very quickly.

Coming back from PME the guys were super excited about the opportunity for Mobilcast. This release will help deliver the promise. And we'll keep on pushing the envelope and building the product you want us to build.

Send us your feedback - mobilcast@melodeo.com We want to hear from you.

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