Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Meet the Press, Eastern Edition

Monday and today I'm on the East Coast meeting press to talk about Mobilcast. Yesterday I met with 2 of the most influencial press people out there. Because they may write stories I can't say who they are, but I can give some details about the meetings themselves. Basically I'm feeling pretty good right now.

Highlights were our client simplicity, particularly when you stream the podcast to the phone. Our content plan - bring it all in to the server, show the relevant content for the mobile professional on the phone, and make the rest discoverable on the server - was met with agreement.

One of the guys thought we should lift the "certification requirement" for downloads and just let people download at will to any phone they want to try. With the caveat we document what will happen if the download fails.

It's clear that we have some challenges with some phones when it comes to downloading podcasts. We knew this going in, and we are trying hard to work around it. It's the tradeoff you make when you write a Java app to the lowest common denominator.

It's also clear that we need to quickly get Mobilcast running on more phones, particularly phones that are typically found in the hands of mobile professionals. It's on the roadmap for the next couple releases so stay tuned.

Finally, one of these folks asked me about the competition. I said nobody has a downloadable applet, and that our only competitor in market uses WAP. That got a dismissive nose wrinkle. Made me feel much better about my own ardent stand that we not do a WAP version of Mobilcast.

Hopefully we'll see some coverage over the next couple months as a result of this.

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