Tuesday, November 08, 2005

iTunes Phone, Redux

Apple and Motorola are going to try this iTunes phone thing one more time. The new RAZR v3i will include iTunes on some models, based on market conditions. If at first you don't succeed....

Bet the good folks at Apple and Motorola haven't really addressed the reasons why consumers were dissatisfied with the ROKR. Looking at the video from the article above it's still a Moto-looking UI rather than an iPod UI. It's not clear but I bet there's a hard storage limit because Apple doesn't want the RAZR to cannibalize the Shuffle. And no doubt you won't be able to do real mobile music because over the air downloads aren't available.

On the other hand, you can watch music videos.

I think Apple is just using these Motorola phones to figure out what it takes to make a great music phone and to learn as much as they can about the mobile space. iTunes phones like the ROKR and RAZR v3i can't possibly be their mobile play. There's something more going on here. Lots of industry speculation that Apple will ultimately build their own phone. Or start their own MVNO. Or both. Once that happens they'll really change the game. Until then, they're just creating more visibility and market opportunity for the guys who really deliver mobile music.

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