Friday, November 18, 2005

Feedback Needed - Testing Phones for Mobilcast

We've been kicking around an idea and I want to get your feedback. Comment here or shoot us mail at

Today you can only download Mobilcast on phones that we've certified, which means tested. This way we know that Mobilcast will work on the phone. We test and add a couple new phones a week.

We want to increase the number of phones because that gets Mobilcast out to more people. The more people that have it the more podcasts they get the drill. The idea is to stop restricting the downloads to phones we've tested and open it up to anyone. We'd still have a list of tested phones, but we'd allow anyone to try it. Once a phone successfully downloads, installs, and runs the client the first time we'll know because it'll be tracked in our database. Then we'll add it to our list.

The downside is that guys may have a poor download experience - failure to install, railure to run. The app is built so that it won't screw up the phone, so there's minimal risk

The upside is that it runs on a bunch of phones and we are able to get Mobilcast into the hands of a whole bunch of new people.

What do you think?

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  1. I like the idea. Especially since my sanyo mm-7400 isnt supported yet