Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Feedback from the Road

Interesting 2 days with the press. Much of yesterday echoed what I wrote about on Tuesday. Further solidified a number of things in my mind:

We need to press our advantage with the downloadable app. Nobody likes WAP and I feel personally vindicated for fighting against a WAP version. But we need to put even more distance between Mobilcast and the WAP oriented competitors.

Our content approach is sound, but we need to deliver on the promise of parity with what you find online. We're going fast and hard after this. Gotta keep pushing.

The first time user experience is invaluable and we need to keep gathering that feedback. The new Mobilcast forum will help greatly.

Handset coverage is key and needs to accelerate. We're committed to adding 2 mass market handsets a week. We're looking at new platforms. I have become convinced that we need to stop downloading only to mass market phones that we have tested internally.

Finally, everyone things there's upside to this business. It's a new space and it requires ongoing definition and tuning. But there's upside.

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