Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Eric Rice Mobilcasts

Check out Eric Rice's Mobilcast promo. Spent time with Eric on Friday and by the end of the talk he was ready to rock on mobilcasting. Can't wait to hear the show.

I spent the day with press in the Bay Area. Spoke with them about the 3 things we need to do in order to win with Mobilcast: 1) make it easier for consumers to get the software on their phones, which we are doing; 2) address the latency between starting a download and being able to listen to it; 3) content, content, content. The press agreed.

Which leads to the issue of content itself. We're working with the big media guys. But it feels like it's equally as important, maybe moreso, to work with the grassroots guys. Sure, a CNN or BBC may have more listeners than Eric or Chris Pirillo or Chris Cron. But a huge number of the listening audience is influenced by these fellas. And frankly I think these folks know more about what makes a great podcast than the big guys. So it follows that they are critical to our success. And besides they're great guys!

So what we should do is work with these guys to both develop mobilcasts, and to help us better understand what makes a great mobilcast so we can evangelize to more podcasters. That's the plan.

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