Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Announcing Mobilcast Network

Today we're announcing Mobilcast Network. Mobilcast Network is the place for consumers to get Mobilcast, recommend podcasts for the Mobilcast catalog, and ultimately be able to manage their own preferences. And for podcasters it's the place to become a Mobilcast Affiliate.

Mobilcast affiliates are folks whose podcasts are distributed through Mobilcast. In exchange they agree to help distribute Mobilcast by putting a download badge and link on their web and wap sites. Signing up is quick and easy--simple check box form on the web. Check it out.

We've also made it a lot easier to get Mobilcast on your phone. Just go to the web and enter your phone number on a form. We'll send you a SMS message with the link to download Mobilcast. Click it and you're ready to go. And we'll make it easier still by adding a short code later this month.

As I said in yesterday's post, we have 3 priorities for Mobilcast: make it easier to get, improve the user experience, and add lots of content. Mobilcast Network gets us two of three. And it just keeps getting better.

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