Monday, October 10, 2005

Wall Street Journal on Podcasting

Today's WSJ has a page 1 article on podcasting. Our friend Nick Wingfield was one of the authors. Good article. Confirmed a few things we've been saying:

1. People are treating podcasts as radio on demand.
2. Big media companies and content providers are jumping on board like crazy
3. These same companies do see a business here, though they can't put their arms around the specific business model
4. Advertising it top of mind for most as a way to get revenue

Article also points out that some content providers are charging for premium content. No word on how this is going.

It's interesting to read that these media companies realize that podcasting will cannibalize their radio properties, but they consider the risk worth it because it's better to cannibalize than lose a listener entirely. I think of it a little differently, though. Rather than just protecting the current listener base podcasting should be about growing that base. Radio is bound by geography. Podcasting isn't. Mobilcasting extends the podcast reach beyond the desktop/PC. Once the media companies really get this (and some do) it becomes a very interesting world that benefits listeners and companies like ours.

I was also struck by the phrase "clipcasting" to describe the delivery of podcasts to mobile phones. Haven't heard that one before. Not a very descriptive phrase, and doesn't at all relate to the mobile device or space. Call me biased, but I think mobilcasting works better as a descripter.

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