Monday, October 17, 2005

Podcasts Exclusively for the ROKR

Motorola is going to start doing music podcasts just for the ROKR. Hey, podcasts on a mobile phone...welcome to the party.

Unfortunately you can only get these podcasts by going through iTunes, then tethering your ROKR to your computer. Which begs the question of how this is unique or different than the experience you have with an iPod. The Moto quote says "[w]e feel like we're helping to shape the future of podcasting...." Not exactly. To shape the future you need to offer something unique, not another sideloading solution.

Will give Moto credit for helping drive the visibility of podcasting. That's a good thing and we're glad to have them on board. But they stop far short of offering a true mobile experience. Guess if you want that for your ROKR you're going to have to download Mobilcast.

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