Thursday, October 27, 2005

Podcasting Conferences

First, I've made a change and am (hopefully) blogging under my real name. Someone said "mobile podcast" was too impersonal. And I'm nothing if not personable.

Spent time today with a group of guys debating podcasting conferences. We're involved in a very cool one (announcement to come) and were meeting with the organizers. Spirited debate about what a podcasting conference should be. Main topic was around whether the podcasting world is ready for something akin to a Comdex, or if the most successful conferences would be more grass roots oriented.

Look at Portable Media Expo, happening next month (and where Melodeo will be). It looks like a great show, but feels more like Comdex than a grass roots show. Not finding fault with it, and maybe the time for that is now while this stuff is evolving. I do wonder how much room there is for more than 1 conference like that a year.

The conference we're working to co-sponsor will have a more grass roots vibe to it. We'll have more info as it develops.


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