Tuesday, October 18, 2005


Sat on a panel this evening in Seattle, hosted by WSA (Washington Software Association), discussing the topic of "convergence" . Sitting next to me was Chris Pirillo. I won't need caffeine for a few days!

I was pleased to hear Chris agree with me that the mobile phone is the ultimate convergence platform, though he did offer some pointed remarks about how the wireless operators are doing their best to prevent subscribers from having ready access to the wealth of digital content available on the planet. (Actually, Chris's comments were a few shades more pointed than my summary - he doesn't pull any punches)

Content creators, from the solo blogger/podcaster to the Hollywood-slick production houses, all want nothing more than to freely offer their stuff to mobile consumers. Wireless carriers need to rationalize their mobile data plans, and demolish the "walled garden" mindset that inhibits true convergence. Set my content free!!

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